I am my own studio

I am my own studio – I have no time no money no space – I am a working mother with a full-time job outside of the house and chores to do when I get home and my eyes and hands belong to my children and every tiny crumb of time a can scrape needs to be treated like a precious jewel that I have to use perfectly. and I do mean crumb – as in my 2 15 min. breaks at work as in waiting for the egg to boil as in the 5 min. after the baby falls asleep before he wakes up again. I have crumbs, but I see how precious they are now. I used to think they weren’t good enough, like me, but I’m starting to see them more clearly, they glitter brightly, and any little space where I can hear myself think, I am organizing my projects and my thoughts so I can use my little crumbs where ever and when ever I get them.  God they are precious to me


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