Panels I need to work on

panel I need to work on 1

panel I need to work on 1

panel I need to work on 2

panel I need to work on 2

panel I need to work on 3

panel I need to work on 3

Believe it or not, I’m actually a painter – got a BFA in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design, class of 1993, working in hand processed pigments made from rocks, minerals, and colored earths bound in egg tempera on plaster-gessoed wood panel. I just haven’t been painting for the same reason I hadn’t been working at all for 5 or so years, no larger pieces of time I could use to do so. But the small bits and organizing where I have quiet to think (mainly at work on breaks or waiting for reports to generate) has been working for earthworks and puppets, maybe I need to tackle the 2D work now. So many of us can’t catch a break to do our own work, and nobody is going to give you one for free if you can’t show them something (why did you have kids if you wanted to be an artist? Gee I guess I don’t know, maybe because that’s what my body does jerk!), so your between a rock and a very hard place getting angry all the time. I’ve been working on enmeshing myself in what I want to work on for a year now, and I can’t manage to get a grant, but my husband and family, and friends have been giving me time and help, and it has made all the difference – I showed them something, and they gave me a break. Maybe I can catch a few more, and maybe even for painting. Thanks guys!

here is my old website- with mostly painings- archived by the Wayback Machine. Thank you Wayback Machine!!:


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