Video sketches for Mamawoman/Puppetdollmask

These links probably won’t work for anyone but me, but I need this up to organize my proposed shorts. Again, these are sketches– need to repair older puppets, work on choreography, props, and stages but wanted to start getting a look at what I needed & figured this was the most direct and stark place to start:

video sketch for intro Madam as Every Bad/Regretful Mother

video sketch for All my Sublimated Glitter Gone to Dust (or)/Love You, Miss Me

video sketch for Roxsita Must Sing (dedicated to my mother and every mother ever who was told to stop singing by her embarrassed of her children. Now I know)

Coatilicue – without me always/with me always

also see for Coatlicue piece:


One comment

  1. Great! It’s wonderful to see your puppets in motion! And to see behind the scenes 😀

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