Puppet show – Mamawoman

This is what I have so far for a show I’m working on. I have decided I need to use the burlesque style puppets I had made as strictly sales item – I need to make them individual stages for the work I need to do for them. And the Coatlicue mask needs to be used more as a puppet too. I think I need to do this to show a tough, long transition from woman to mama to mamawoman – meld and be both with love and balance:

Open: Madam puppet singing song to Fifi, then sobbing and saying sorry as mother to a daughter. Comedy to tragedy.

468   stage bottom full CPT stage

Goto: Mama puppet with puppeteer (covered) combing her hair and straightening her and crying over her tatters and age and loss. on the Tragic side

Mama Ragdoll puppet close up left

Mama Ragdoll puppet close up left

Goto: Roxsita (or whichever) and piece All my sublimated Glitter Gone to Dust or Love you/Miss Me (no! Mama don’t sing!! Don’t sing that!) Basically – hot puppet singing torch song while doing chores (prob. dishes – maybe use shadow props for sink, dishes, etc.), then audio of my kids saying “nononono! not that song! don’tsingdon’tsingdon’tsingMOM!! Then hot puppet putting on a sack or apron, preferably something ugly and concealing, and continuing to do the dishes, but now singing a silly song she made up for the kids that meets with their approval. Comedy

Roxsita full 3

Roxsita full 3

Magda front 2

Magda front 2

Crystelle close up

Crystelle close up

End with Coatlique piece – you are with me forever (simple, knelt over brings up child, holds up child, brings child back into lap and folds over child – get permission to site definition of Coatlicue and excerpt Krulwitch articel http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=17197111 not exactly tragedy, but not light either

2014-07-11 15.53.22


Also want to include these (below) with the above for a non-performance exhibit

2014-07-11 15.38.39 2014-07-11 15.37.22 IMG_20140508_215113


2014-07-02 20.53.27 2014-07-06 14.12.48-1

these two and the other burlesque puppets need individual stages

Cinderella Dressed in Yella. approx. 30 in. long puppet + controls  puppet approx. 15x8x12in., sculpy, wood, fabric, human hair, etc. T. Pedrotti July 2013 5 Minoan Goddess of Safe Passage, approx. 20in. puppet and controls  puppet approx. 7X10x7in sculpy, wood, fabric, wire, monofilament, etc. Theresa Pedrotti, June 2013 2

Cinderella needs a backdrop but not necessarily a stage, and Boat woman needs a case and maybe some other artifacts to go-with in that case.





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